2 in 1 laptop is your best choice. Why?


You are looking for a laptop and a tablet with powerful configuration to serve the needs of work and your entertainment? Why not try reference devices 2 in 1 laptop hybrid this, maybe we will be the suitable option for you.

2 ín 1 laptop

2 in 1 laptop as said there are many types of laptops with touch screen keyboard combinations such as detachable or flexible type hinge can rotate 360 degrees easily. However, the general rules to be able to understand these are multi-functional laptops to be able to work under the shape of different devices.

2 ín 1 laptop
These laptops can flexibly change between computers and laptops easily manipulated is just a twist or pull out of the slot. It provides the convenience and high portability due to the very large useful in work and leisure as much can change shape to fit the purpose of use.
Because in her many outstanding features, configuration cared with good battery life, slim design and sharp screen, the 2 in 1 laptop also generally have a higher price than laptops usually, common, normal. 
The 2-in-1laptop tends RAM owns similarities with other laptops. Mostly 4GB RAM, more lines will be upgraded to 8GB RAM. It also will be equipped with multi-touch screen and USB 3.0 connectivity, SD card ports and many other features.

However, in order to better understand the process of choosing a 2 in 1laptop. First of all, you need to understand the advantages and limitations of each device line

2 in 1 laptop with detachable keyboard.

This laptop line can be considered as the product line as blurring the lines between laptop and tablet. Just connect the tablet screen size equivalent to a laptop screen into a detachable keyboard, you may own a laptop on a real hand.

2 in 1 laptop

Usually the computer hardware will lie mainly on the tablet and the battery can have on both the computer and detachable keyboard. The laptop-sized so often quite thin and flexible. Many laptops also allows keyboard can connect to a remote screen without plugging dock can still use easy

-Pros:Compact as a tablet and can quickly convert easily. At the same time, the product will have additional resources from external battery backup.
Cons: It will have to go separate portable keyboard to use. In the screen output may be more severe because it contains most of the components main components.
Who should use: 2 in 1laptop line should be used for those who need easy mobility of the tablet, but still want to connect to the keyboard for easy typing when necessary.

2-in-1 laptop can rotate 360 degrees

Instead of separation, the laptop manufacturers have another option for laptop users that can flexibly change by turning 360 degrees thanks to a swivel hinge mechanism specifically.

2 in 1 laptop

– Pros: Powerful, easily converted in a single operation. Put this in many different screen modes and unrestricted views.

Cons: Keyboard is often weighed down when folded. Slightly difficult to fold and bulky weight when used in tablet mode.

Who should use: People who just want to have a real laptop and just want to have a look at the state of the film or video can freely choose this laptop

Laptop hardware options for 2 in 1


2 in 1 Laptop with a lot of CPUs are integrated for users to choose. Due to the nature is a product with high mobility and long battery life required so few manufacturers concentrating on CPU upgrades for the product. The majority of laptops 2 in 1 are now using Intel Core or Core i M to save power. Yoga such as Lenovo and Asus Transformer 500 Flip TP550 Boolk owns Intel Core i3 Haswell life, clocked 1.9GHz. Only a few such as Dell Insprion Flip 7347 Haswell Core i5 CPU, the HP Spectre X360 Core i5 CPU Broadwell.

2-in-1 laptop

Although not too strong but needs to work and normal recreational users, it completely meets the requirements of users. However, if noticed, users will still see the model 2 in 1 laptop using Intel Core i7 CPU, but it belongs chips U save energy and slightly weak in ability to process although processing speed Management can be pushed up to 3.0 GHz. Meanwhile with AMD’s CPUs are not really popular on laptops 2 in 1. Perhaps we will see only a few are equipped with AMD CPUs lowest life A8-64 and obviously difficult to handle tasks need great processing power. GPU

Almost all laptops fish 2 in 1 are using integrated graphics from Intel, the Intel HD 4400 for example, or the latest 5300. Although not comparable with the line graphics cards from Nvidia detachable but the integrated graphics card from Intel can still ensure the ability to handle the normal game software and other professional graphics. But also remember, the more powerful GPU than how much the battery life of the machine will increasingly be reduced by that much GPU often use more energy to handle intensive tasks related to graphics.


2-in 1 laptop range in size from about 11 inches – 15 inches. The resolution of the machine can be HD or Full HD but very few laptop computers 2-in-1 has ownership Full HD resolution, such as the Lenovo Yoga 500, Yoga 2, Asus Zenbook UX301, UX302. Most of them are equipped with multi-touch technology. However sharp Full HD screen will only take effect when the user practical view photos or videos. Meanwhile, most from extra touch features and owns large resolution, of course, the laptop 2-in-1 would normally drain battery faster than normal.

What software is suitable for 2 in 1 laptop?

2 in 1 laptop mostly touch therefore the most appropriate software for this model is multi-touch support. Therefore, users should select the OS pre-installed Windows 8, the latest 8.1 or Windows 10 to get the best experience with touch features.


Thus can be seen, laptops 2-in-1 is a unique line of products that the manufacturers have their own select a segment to target. It is the users who are passionate experience the new features on the laptop, who need high productivity, people are active and want to assert your personality,…
However, not always the laptop can also really pleasing all user objects on. Therefore, most of all consumers should bar itself available for a primary purpose of using a laptop to be able to make a decision whether to buy the laptop 2 in 1 or not.

If you’re really ready to take a lick here to choose a product like the best. There are many products 2 in 1 is probably going right for you.

Let’s enjoy the new technology with amazing experiences


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