2 in 1 laptop: HP Probook 440 G3

HP ProBook 440 G3 2016

729.00 $

  • Intel Core i7-6500U CPU
  • 16 GB DDR4/ 256GB SSD
  • 14.0″ 1920 x 1080 FHD
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Backlit Keyboard / Windows 10 Home

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Product Description

HP ProBook 440 G3 2016:Technology for Life Long battery life of up to 1000 recharges, spill-resistant keyboard with backlight, DDR4 RAM, 7200rpm hard drive with the ability to upgrade SATA SSD M2, and a reasonable price; HP ProBook 440 G3 is a suitable choice for work and mobile entertainment.

2 in 1 laptop: ProBook 440 G3 HP ProBook 440 G3 2016 Design: Lightweight, Durable, backlit keypad effective surge

Inheriting lightweight design of the HP ProBook 440 G3 last year, this year HP is continually upgrading its product with remarkable features Like its predecessor, not flashy, but the superficial splendor again rugged thin and light, the HP ProBook 440 G3 is still enough to attract any users first sight. Still lightweight but thanks to design military standard MIL-810G with frame made from steel alloy, ProBook 440 G3 is still very solid, durable against unwanted incidents such as falling impact.The blisters keyboard aluminum reinforced with certainty, the same anti-spill technology efficiently can help users enjoy in cafes without having to worry about your laptop accidentally “drink water”. HP also equipped for the keyboard backlight to increase the convenience when working at night.According to HP testing, its new line of laptops can operate up to 120,000 hours persisting for several different user environments


Performance: Powerful with DDR4 RAM

ProBook 440 G3 processor uses Intel Core i robust 6th generation for higher performance 11-17% compared to the previous generation with a longer battery life significantly. Along with more powerful graphics capabilities to 40%. But his powerful chip is not all, the speed of RAM is also an integral part to create a perfect product. Understand that HP has equipped ProBook DDR4 RAM 440 G3 slots for faster speeds, higher bus clock but significant power savings compared with DDR3 commonly found on other popular laptops are available on market. Along with that, the ProBook 440 G3 is also equipped with 7200rpm hard drive to speed data access faster 5400rpm hard drive typically found on other popular laptops. If not satisfied with the HDD, HP also prepared M.2 SATA slot helps users to easily upgrade to SSD for faster read speed records many times over traditional HDDs. This is a feature usually only be fitted on mid-range and high-end. In addition to configuration, it features a main battery is also good very important and also the weakness of most laptops on the market. But with HP ProBook 440 G3, users will no longer have to worry with superior battery life of up to 1000 recharges, equivalent shelf life of about 3 years, 3 times normal batteries. The machine’s battery also comes with super-fast charging technology, battery capacity 90% with only 90 minutes of charging Configuration, HP provides users with a variety of options from Core i3 to i7, supports Turbo Boost technology should ProBook 440 G3 fully meet the needs of users working.

Comprehensive security, smart technologies

With the business office, the security is very focused elements, the ProBook 440 G3 you will not have to worry about that. The machine is equipped with a lot of security technologies such as HP Smart Biosphere capable of automatic detection and recovery from BIOS damage or failure if attacked.

ProBook 440 G3 is also equipped with a TPM chip and Client Security software helps security based on hardware encryption, the same sign-in fingerprint sensor.

To optimize your work, work online, the HP ProBook also equip TrueVision HD webcam G3 440 high quality, dual microphone technology with exclusive HP Noise Reduction eliminates noise, enhance the quality of voice over applications Skype or other online conversations.

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